In the news...

  • Fountain Ink published an article about people who've gone back to their roots.

  • Another article by Prathap Nair was published on March 15th, 2017 in The Hindu.

  • An article about people who traded their regular jobs for organic farming has a blurb about us. 

  • An article I wrote on the erratic monsoon and its impact on farmers has been published on an online news magazine - "The Wire".

  • Our farm was mentioned in an article by Sangeeta Khanna in the September 2015 issue of "Travel + Leisure".

  • A write up in the Times of India about techies taking up farming has a mention of our farm. It was published on August 14th, 2015 in the Bangalore edition.

  • One of our visitors, Prathap Nair, a freelance travel writer, wrote this article about our farm and it was published on April 10th, 2015 in The Hindu Business Line newspaper.

  • The Indian Express ePaper daily supplement called "EYE" has a brief mention of our names in the article titled "Yes I can" published on February 19th, 2011.

  • An article in The Indian Express about farmers, that appeared in their Sunday special supplement "EYE" on November 7th, 2010.. We have a brief mention.

  • Interesting articles and videos ...

  • More than 60% of milk is adulterated and unsafe according to this article.

  • An article on jaggery making and all the various additives that go into it during the commercial process.

  • A wonderful video about the importance of growing your own food and taking back control over what you eat. A very relevant message for this age. The physical work involved is also good exercise.

  • Favourite links ...

  • Vanashree - an eco-sustainable organic farm run by Srikanth and Priti at Maralwadi near Bengaluru.

  • Acres Wild - an organic cheese making farm run by Mansoor and Tina at Coonoor.

  • Olaulim Backyards - a wonderful homestay in Goa run by Savio and Pirkko Fernandes.